Primitive Group Style Camping

We offer primitive camping for organized groups along with individual camping that only allows for limited community fires.

First come, first serve. No reservations taken. 

$10 per person/DAY

Camping closes Monday September 7 for end of season


The area is an open field within walking distance to the Hiwassee River, Flip-Flop Burgers & Webb Brothers.

Bathhouse with hot showers for registered guest. Must register prior to setup.


We have a 16 bed climate controlled bunkhouse on-site 


Booked through end of season

The bunkhouse is attached to the building that provides our restaurant(Flip-Flop Burgers). Nylon antimicrobial  mattresses. Cold A/C always makes for a more comfortable night of sleep...or afternoon nap. Float service is a mere walk across the bridge to Webb Brothers.

Bunkhouse Interior
Women's bathhouse
Women's Shower
Riverside Event

Bathhouse with separate men's and women's sides. Both have two tiled hot water showers. Solid surface counter-tops. This facility is definitely a step up from your typical campground.