Primitive Group Style Camping

We offer primitive camping for organized groups along with individual camping that only allows for limited community fires.

First come, first serve. No reservations taken. 

$10 per person/DAY

Camping closes Monday September 7 for end of season


The area is an open field within walking distance to the Hiwassee River, Flip-Flop Burgers & Webb Brothers.

Bathhouse with hot showers for registered guest. Must register prior to setup.


We have a 16 bed climate controlled bunkhouse on-site 


Booked through end of season

The bunkhouse is attached to the building that provides our restaurant(Flip-Flop Burgers). Nylon antimicrobial  mattresses. Cold A/C always makes for a more comfortable night of sleep...or afternoon nap. Float service is a mere walk across the bridge to Webb Brothers.

Bunkhouse Interior
Women's bathhouse
Women's Shower
Riverside Event